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Content Analysis

We not only create content via command, but we also want to know how we can do it best.


By working with other LLM providers, we ensure to always stay on top and be a first mover.

Optimized Content

We generate content for your business and continuously optimize our algorithm.

Active User Input

We want to know your customers, and we actively adapt to fit your and their needs.

Autonomous Agents

Multiple agents take your command and create your content, faster and more coherent than standard LLMs.

Exclusive Model

We not only use standard LLMs, but we also build our own and train it so your content will be unique and tailored to your brand.

Fastblog is really amazing, we made about 100 blogs with it, including images and were able to rank on Google for several topics in a very short time.

Daniel Marischka

CEO Social Garden

Top product! I can only recommend it to everyone.

Lukas Rauscher

Founder of CrimeRunners

Fastblog has greatly advanced our SEO and saved a lot of time.

Masha Ibeschitz

CEO Thinkbeyond Group

BUY what you need No suscriptions


2 Credits


Up to 2 Blogposts
7000 Words
HTML, PDF or .docx
+ Incl. Image generation
+ Headline customization
+ HTML, PDF or .docx

8 Credits


Up to 8 Blogposts
3000 Words
HTML, PDF or .docx
+ Incl. Image generation
+ Headline customization
+ SEO optimization

25 Credits


Up to 25 Blogposts
7000 Words
HTML, PDF or .docx
+ Incl. Image generation
+ Headline customization
+ HTML, PDF or .docx

70 Credits


Up to 70 Blogposts
20000 Words
HTML, PDF or .docx
+ Incl. Image generation
+ Headline customization
+ HTML, PDF or .docx

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our FAQs. If you have any other questions you'd like answered please feel free to email us.

How does work? uses a credit system. You purchase credits and then use them to create SEO-optimized blog posts specifically for German content. You can tailor the content to target different stages of the marketing funnel (top, middle, or lower) and will even generate images to complement your blog post.

What are the different funnel stages (top, middle, lower) and how can I adjust my content for them?

The marketing funnel represents the customer journey. Top funnel content aims to attract a broad audience and raise awareness about your brand or product. Middle funnel content targets those already interested in your niche, providing more detailed information and nurturing leads. Lower funnel content focuses on converting leads into paying customers by highlighting product benefits and driving sales. allows you to specify the funnel stage for your content, ensuring it aligns with your marketing goals.

Do the Blogs come with Images at

Yes, generates images itself and provides the perfect images based on your content.

What kind of content can I create with is designed for creating blog posts optimized for the German market. You can write informative articles, listicles, product descriptions, and more – all with the goal of improving your website's search engine ranking.

How does optimize my content for SEO? incorporates various SEO best practices into your content creation process. This may include keyword research, title optimization, meta description generation, and on-page optimization techniques.

Do I need any SEO knowledge to use

No prior SEO knowledge is necessary to use The platform guides you through the process and incorporates best practices into your content creation. However, a basic understanding of SEO can help you leverage the generated content more effectively.

What if I have more questions about

If you have any further questions about or its functionalities, you can contact our customer support directly via [email protected].